Thursday, August 6, 2009

On the Craft Table: Sneak Peak

On my list yesterday:
1. Assemble 3 Found Paper Mini Albums/Journals (I got 4 complete!)
2. Sew up Tissue Cozies (complete!)
3. Cut paper (350+ sheets) for Mixed Paper Journals (didn't get to that)

A sneak peak at the Found Paper Mini Albums/Journals:
"Watermelon" Found Paper Mini Album/Journal"Ocean Spray" Found Paper Mini Album/Journal"Lemon Lime" Found Paper Mini Album/Journal
"Pink Lemonade" Found Paper Mini Album/Journal
On my list for today:
1. Cut 3 sets of Envelopes (10 per set)
2. Cut 3 sets of Mini File Folders (5 per set)
3. Cut paper (350+ sheets) for Mixed Paper Journals


  1. Those are lovely. I can't imagine how long it would take to cute 350 pages.

  2. very cute. the green cover is my faaavorite. what size are they?