Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finishing Up: Christmas Mini Album / Journal

Well, here is my Christmas Mini Album / Journal up through Christmas Day. It was so fun looking back through it and seeing everything that happened. I had to buy 2" binder rings at Staples after the 1" ones didn't hold enough :) I loved stashing random mementos each day and then punching holes in them or gluing them down to one of the pages. I didn't photograph every single page, so some of the numbers aren't visible. I also haven't developed my pictures since the 23rd, but will add those soon :) I blurred out some of the journaling so as to protect privacy... and you'll see that one day my son (while standing right beside me in my studio/work area) got into an extra string of bubble lights (did you ever have those growing up? we did and loved them...) bit off the glass tip and SWALLOWED the fluid from one of the light vials. Like, TOXIC fluid. Like, cause serious problems, fluid. Like, you aren't even supposed to breathe the fumes or let it touch your skin. My hubby was at class (I texted him "911" and he left class, books and bookbag and all, and came home) and I was on the phone with poison control (praise God the lady on the phone was so sweet and helpful and helped calm me down) and it is nothing short of the grace of God that he is ok and had absolutely no problems whatsoever with ingesting the fluid. A miracle. Praise God. Needless to say, we no longer have that string of lights. :)

You'll also see that we ate out....A LOT. I'm embarrassed at how many times we had carry out (*COUGH and not all of them are pictured ;)). This has by far been the CRAZIEST December we have ever experienced with our schedules- work, school, work travel, travel, unforeseen events, family events etc.
But, it's been a great month, a great holiday season full of wonderful family time and memories and we are excited for 2010 and what it holds :) Happy New Year!


  1. Wow! I am so impressed - not only for your discipline of journaling every day, but for taking such great photos and sharing them! Happy New Year!

  2. Soo much fun! You have so many awesome photos! :)

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing =)

  4. thanks for your comment!
    this is a nice idea for birthday cards too. I found a box full of cards when I was tyding up lately...

  5. Hi!
    I would like you to know about this album or journal))) You do it gradually (event occurred - had made a journal entry) or after the event to fill the entire album?
    Thank you! I'm just amazed with your blog and your store. It is a pity that you do not send to Russia ((