Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial: Fabric Alphabet

Christmas Gift Idea: Fabric Alphabet
Ideal for:
A toddler, a teacher, or someone obsessed with fabric scraps and letters/typography/etc. (like me :))

I found this super simple tutorial for how to make a plush alphabet - and magnets can be added (into the letters) to be able to stick them on the fridge. Wouldn't these make a fabulous Christmas gift for a toddler? Or, since Christmas is quickly approaching - wouldn't it be fun to spell out their name? (instead of making the whole alphabet) (*The magnets are sewn into the letters, but if you do choose to include magnets, they will need to be used with adult supervision - if the magnets were to somehow come out, they can be very dangerous if swallowed) I'm hoping I might have some time to make my son's name for Christmas :) Go here for the tutorial - have fun!

Image from Chez Beeper Bebe


  1. wonderful idea !! a bit too late for X-mas, but my 3 years old son will adore it, for his birthday !!
    thanks !

  2. LOVE these letters.. and I also LOVE the giveaway prize I received from you today!! Check out my blog post about it :)

  3. I am more in love with this than you can even imagine.