Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last weekend, on our way home from High Point, we stopped at a huge outlet store - with tons of stuff you don't really need ;) Nevertheless, I love looking through outlet stores, flea markets, antique malls, etc. because you never know when you'll find a gem :) I found this fabulous little book in the book section - Flea Market Baby by Barri Leiner and Marie Moss. And for a great price, I just couldn't pass it up. The book is absolutely delightful, with beautiful photographs and writings about finding vintage items to decorate, collect and gift-give for baby. "A must-have retro registry of old-fashioned finds for a new generation" (Flea Market Baby).

And not only are the photographs and writing simply fabulous, the layout (read: graphic design) of the book is wonderfully done- always a breath of fresh air :)

I thought it nicely appropriate to purchase the book with baby on the way, and the fact that I love anything vintage- so of course, a book about baby-related vintage things was great to come across. Although, I probably would still have purchased it even if we didn't have baby on the way - it is just that great of a sweet little book. :)

So, whether or not you do have a baby on the way, this book is a fabulous collection of vintage and kitschy items that bring back memories of a seemingly simpler time. :)
All images in this post are excerpted from the book Flea Market Baby © 2003


  1. I love books like these. So full of inspiration!

  2. what a cute book! i love vintage decor :) it's so fun to think of passing down the love of vintage to your children <3

  3. What a beautiful book, love those spreads!