Friday, October 1, 2010

Fun and Crafty In-Progress List

Yay for Friday! And yay for the first day of October :) Lots on my To-Do list - starting to plan for Christmas-- Oh my! That time of year already?! Have you started on Christmas gifts/planning yet?
In Progress/To Do
+ Baby Journal (In Progress)
+ Shop Planning - Christmas Journals, etc. (In Progress)
+ Pink and Green Lap Quilt from sofa fabric samples (To Do)
+ Christmas Gift Planning/DIY/Tutorials (In Progress)

I am loving keeping a Baby Journal :)
I found these pillows at a thrift store - the covers were not looking too good, but the pillow inserts were in fabulous condition! I decided I really wanted to make pillow covers for some of my Christmas gifts this year-- but was worried about how costly the pillow inserts can be. These were each $1.29. Yay! :)

Working on getting a Christmas Art Journal kit together for the shop.

I've had these fabric scraps for years (since way before Jimmy was born!) that I got at a local evening class I took on decorating. The scraps are samples from an upholstery shop and were throw-aways- I've been wanting to make a quilt and thought I should go ahead and use these fun scraps. :)
What about you? What's on your To-Do or In-Progress list?

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  1. I like your progress/to do list. It really does help to put it all down on paper and then just work out each one and check them off! Yay is so true...
    Happy Haunting...