Friday, October 8, 2010

Magazine Love: Southern Living

We were recently over at my hubby's cousin's house for dinner and she had a copy of this month's Southern Living magazine... I've never read it, but started flipping through it and was instantly a fan. I think I went and bought a copy the very next day and I've been carrying it around for a week now (as you can tell by the crinkled cover in the picture below). Haha :) The magazine has tons of family-friendly recipes - ones that don't have a ton of ingredients you've never heard of. I've already made a few of them and a bunch more are on the menu for the next couple weeks. And it has articles on fun places all over the southern east coast, decorating ideas, and tons of other fabulous stuff. I am a fan. I called my mama and asked for a subscription for my birthday. :)

What about you? Any fave magazines that you absolutely love? Have a fabulous weekend :)

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  1. I love Real Simple. So many different things in that magazine =)