Monday, November 15, 2010

Catch Up: Shop Notes

My hubby was super incredibly busy with schoolwork and business last week, so Monday night we decided Jimmy and I would go down to Hilton Head, South Carolina and visit my in-laws who vacation there each November (yay for blog auto-post - bet you didn't even know I was gone ;)). It was a ton of fun, and crazy to be on the beach in the middle of November ;)

Being gone, I (naturally) had a bunch of orders come in from the shop (I need to leave town more often :)). Playing catch up today, all caught up on orders - heading to the post office, and now working on some free-lance and custom orders for quilted list takers for the holidays!

+ If you are interested in purchasing a Christmas/Holiday Art Journal, do it soon, I only have a handful left!

+ Anything else you would like to see in the shop for Christmas and the holiday season? Any sort of journaling spots or paper selections? Not-so-average gift wrap supplies?

+ Am working on putting together custom "Food Planning Binders" for Christmas gifts. Will have details soon - interested in possibly purchasing one? Let me know!

+ Am working on putting together regular art journals - these would be a great handmade gift for Christmas. Please contact me if you are interested in ordering one - each can be catered to your preferences - color scheme, theme (general, school related, office, home, family, baby, etc) vintage papers, new papers or a mix.

The journals are ring bound (so pages can be added, subracted and moved around) and generally contain around 25 pages (including things like envelopes, shipping tags, dictionary pages, ledger pages, high-quality scrapbooking papers, high-quality colored cardstock and other found and new papers). Cost is $15.00.

Three of the journals below had color schemes - lemon lime (all green and yellow type papers), watermelon (green and pink), and pink lemonade (pink, peach and tangerine).


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