Friday, November 5, 2010

Catching Up.

Been super busy around here this week - getting orders ready from the shop, meal planning, keeping up with the blog (although I've fallen behind on the plan for this week - my apologies ;)), donuts (hehe :)) hubby having a ton of work due, business work, and is now out of town on a retreat and then business until Monday. Phew!

Still planning to post on:
+ A look at the new 2010 Christmas Art Journals - and a little background on these art journals in case you're new to keeping a Christmas Art Journal (December Daily).
+ Menus. Groceries. Budget. Ideas: A Mini Series: Part 2
+ A review on some amazing kitchenware products from CSN Stores.
Getting Holiday Art Journals ready to ship :: Preparing some more art journals :)
Jimmy loves taking pictures with my camera - love this fun shot he got of me finishing up some emails at the computers :)
Finalizing meal plans.
Ok. I must confess I love donuts. I know they are so super not good for you. But in moderation, right? :) My friend taught me how to make some using biscuit dough. They are a-ma-zing. :)
Have a fabulous weekend :)

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