Monday, November 1, 2010

Goodbye, October ::: Hello, November

Welcome, November. I hope you had a fabulous weekend :) We had a super busy, but super fabulous weekend, complete with a trip to a pumpkin patch, a fall get-together, a baby shower, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, pumpkin seed roasting, and pizza eating (and candy eating ;)). Jimmy dressed up like a football player in his daddy's old jersey (we tried to put toilet paper rolls on his shoulders under the jersey... he didn't really go for it ;)) - it was so much fun going door-to-door - he could actually understand that he was trick-or-treating, and getting (tons) of candy. Last year he was kind of like "Oh, candy! Thanks!" :)

We went to a new-to-us pumpkin patch and were lucky to get to go to the patch on a 4-wheeler and pick out a bunch of super-inexpensive pumpkins of all sorts of varieties (that I've never heard of). The owner told us all about the different pumpkins and which ones were great for making pumpkin pies and such. Needless to say, I will be cooking, pureeing and making freezer-ready lots of pumpkin :) So, if you still have some pumpkins left that haven't been carved, be sure to save the pumpkin flesh and the seeds - this week I'll be sharing a recipe for amazing pumpkin seeds and also how to get your pumpkin ready to store in the freezer so you can have fresh pumpkin puree available on into the Christmas season :)

So, a winner for the giveaway! The Random Number Generator picked #3- Sheena!
Sheena said...Long time follower here, in fact I was worried a while back when we didn't hear from you for quite a while. So glad you're back. I would love the Knitter!

Congratulations, Sheena! I will be emailing you today for your shipping info and get your new Knifty Knitter ready to ship :) Thank you so much for everyone who played along :)

Sneak Peek at This Week:
+ A fun new tutorial
+ A yummy Pumpkin seed recipe and how-to

+ A look at the new 2010 Christmas Art Journals (which are now available in the shop!) - and a little background on these art journals in case you're new to keeping a Christmas Art Journal (December Daily).
+ Menus. Groceries. Budget. Ideas: A Mini Series: Part 2
+ A review on some amazing kitchenware products from CSN Stores.


  1. Love your collage of fall photos. Great family time enjoying the season.
    Congratulations lucky winner.
    Happy Gratitude November...

  2. Wow! This would be my first bloggy win! Woo hoo! I guess I know what I'm making people for Christmas! Thanks so much!!!