Thursday, January 20, 2011

Around Here

Getting ready for baby around here. Got a lot done last weekend (ok, my hubby did... while I sat there and watched ;) Love that man) while I was on mandatory bedrest (which has thankfully been lifted to "Take it easy"). Baby clothes, towels and washcloths are washed and folded, we found a changing table for free, diapers are out and ready to go and bags are packed. Well, my hubby has packed his half of our little suitcase (our hospital is 30-ish minutes away in Raleigh....when it's not rush hour) and baby's bag is packed. Am I packed? Nope ;) Soon :)

Baby could be making his appearance earlier than anticipated - trying to tie up loose ends, stay calm, and take it easy while enjoying this last little bit as parents of one before our sweet little new addition arrives. So excited to meet him :)
+ Am finalizing the details for a Call for Submissions of Guest Posts while I'm on maternity leave and will post that tomorrow.

+ Realized I never shared the rest of my December Daily/Christmas Art Journal and will share that next week (I know, it's a little late ;)).

+ Still trying to make it to Raleigh to find a fab Idea Book - or at least some ingredients for one....thinking I might put it together myself and have it bound at a local copy shop. We shall see.

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  1. aww good luck with at 8 months right now and I am also just watching hubby painting the nursery and pretty much sit back to relax :)