Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY Tuesday :: 3D Spring Flowers Card

So in honor of Spring beginning, Easter and Mother's Day coming, I decided to make a card with paper flowers - new paper and found papers. It is similar to the idea behind this tutorial I shared for Valentine's Day. I originally started out with two paper rounds for each flower but decided to add a third and small paper round for the "center" of the flower. I am so super happy with how this turned out- I'm thinking about making a few and selling a set in the shop. We'll see. :)
Want to make your own? These are perfect to send as a Spring greeting, a "Happy Easter" or to a special mama or grandmama for Mother's Day.

I used cardstock for the base of the card and cut an 8.5"x11" sheet in half to get a 4.25"x5.5" folded notecard. I used a cream colored piece of cardstock for the background, but you could also cut up an old manilla folder to use!

For the "flowers" you can use a paper punch or scissors, and cut from various types of paper - old books, security envelopes, old magazines, etc. I used scrapbooking paper, old dictionary paper, sewing pattern paper, vintage sheet music and a vintage map page.

+ Blank white notecard (folded size: 4.25"x5.5")
+ Background cardstock (3.75"x5")
+ Six 1.5" paper circles, cut or punched from various papers
+ Three 1" paper circles
+ Green ribbon - cut into stems and leaves
+ Permanent rolling adhesive
+ Sewing machine and thread (you could also probably just use adhesive if you don't have a sewing machine)
+ Scissors
Position the ribbon and three of the paper circles on the cream background paper to your liking. Using the rolling adhesive, adhere the leaves, then the stems, then the paper circles. I had two of my paper circles hanging off the edge a little, because I thought it looked fun :)
Next, position another 1.5" circle on top of an already adhered circle, and then the 1" circle on top of that - centered. Sew down the middle. Repeat for the other two flowers.
Circles all sewn on - trim the excess thread off. Now adhere the cream background to the white notecard, centered.
Fold up each "petal" on the flower to create a 3D effect.
Voila! A super cute card to send to a special someone. Send or give in a vellum envelope (like below!) and it's sure to create a lot of smiles :)


  1. Love this card. Adorable... and perfect for spring occasions or birthdays!

  2. This is so cute! What a great idea for Mother's Day.

  3. cute flowers...I´ll feature on my blog....hope you don´t mind
    hugs from Brazil

  4. this card is so cute!
    hope life with the new babe i going well.

  5. I love this! =0) Thanks for sharing, I will defintaley be trying this out.

  6. This card is really cute! I'll have to try this one out for Easter cards for my nieces!

    I find that sewing on paper tends to dull my needles - do you have a special needle you use specifically for paper projects?

  7. Wow these pics are so lush and splendid! Thanks for providing some visual relief over here.

  8. Que tarjeta mas preciosa, con materiales prácticos ,
    fáciles de conseguir en casa y sobre todo que lo puedes hacer con los mas chicos hasta los mas grandes, lindo diseño, felicitaciones.