Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reading :: The Current List

So a confession. I am obsessed with books. Love. Books. I recently purchased a few new ones (Who knew "1-click ordering" meant that your order was complete by simply pressing the button once. Whoops. ;)) and am enjoying reading them when I have a free second.

The current list:
- Beard on Bread (James Beard) - An old-school 1970s paperback book, full of amazing bread recipes - from before the era of bread machines.
- My Idea Journal - Am filling up the pages of this quickly. Enjoying looking through my ideas and expanding on them.
- Handmade Home (Amanda Blake Soule) - a fabulous book full of ideas and projects for repurposing items and materials and turning them into beautiful treasures for your home.
- Guide to North Carolina Vegetable Gardening (Walter Reeves)- My go-to book (one of them, at least) for our little garden that is now growing tomatoes, peppers, herbs and some other veggies.
- Crafting a Meaningful Home (Meg Mateo Ilasco) - I have Ilasco's book Craft, Inc. and love it. Just received this book yesterday and am already enjoying it. Full of fabulous pictures and projects, I can't wait to get started on some of these some day soon.
- Bend the Rules Sewing (Amy Karol) - love Amy's blog Angry Chicken, and thought I'd go ahead and purchase her book. Love it. Fabulous sewing projects for a novice seamstress like me.

*As with all products I share, I am not compensated in any way unless otherwise stated.


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