Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY :: Button Bracelet

One of my sweet friends was wearing a button bracelet the other day-- it was SO super cute. I told her I was going to attempt to make one, because I loved it so much! So, after a couple tries, I came up with this cute little thing. Incredibly simple to make, all you need is elastic thread, a needle, and a bunch of different sizes and colors of buttons.
Fun thing is, you could make a bunch of bracelets using different colored buttons to coordinate with different outfits :)
I cut a piece of the elastic after measuring it around my wrist and made it a tad smaller so it would stretch and fit snug. I then threaded the first button on (the large brown one on the left) and tied a knot on the back. Next, I started threading different buttons on, varying the colors and sizes. Some of the smaller buttons fit on top of the large buttons for a nice layered effect.
I kept threading on the buttons, as well as pushing them all down on the thread to make them snugly fit next to each other.
When I got towards the end, I pulled the elastic out a little bit to fit on one more button and then tied the thread to the back of the beginning button.
Voila! A fun button bracelet :)


  1. I recently made one of these for a friend-so fun and easy! I love the variety and colors of buttons you chose-great job!

  2. Seems like I remember making one of these when I was a teenager! They still look great!

  3. This is so cute! You have such cute buttons - I feel like I only have a few select colors and roughly similar sizes so it just wouldn't look quite as cute... but I might have to try anyways! : )

  4. YEH!!! You made it!! SO fun! :-D

  5. SO cute! What a great project for any age.