Monday, June 6, 2011

Pretty Package

I absolutely love to wrap small packages in leftover paper supplies I have laying around. It's so much more fun than using a roll of wrapping paper - but don't get me wrong, I love wrapping paper too! In fact, I wrapped this cute little gift in the brown paper from the interior of a wrapping paper roll (you know how sometimes there isn't a tube at the end of the roll? It's just stiff-er brown kraft-type-paper?). I then used a doily and covered it with some fabric swatches, a vintage button and topped it off with fabulous Divine Twine, alphabet letters, a leftover fabric scrap and some paper rounds. Reusing and adding a handmade touch :)


  1. Such a creative way to pack little presents! Thanks for sharing

  2. oh my goodness seeing this wrapping just makes me want to buy a bunch of stuff from your shop :)

  3. Love it!
    Sometimes for wrapping I use brown paper bags from the grocery store -great way to recycle!