Friday, July 1, 2011

DIY :: "Dyed" Jars

So have you ever tried to "dye" jars? I found this fab tutorial over at Craftberry Bush on "dyeing" jars. All you need is ModPodge or glue, water, food coloring and a paintbrush. This is PERFECT for repurposing glass jars from food (think: spaghetti sauce jars, pickles, salad dressing, etc.), just run them through the dishwasher and then dye them. Or if you have old mason jars, this is perfect for creating a vintage blue mason jar lookalike.
It was so incredibly quick and easy. I am now going through my fridge and finding all of the glass jars in there that are almost empty so I can dye them. :)
What a great way to make a flower vase out of an old jar! Yay for repurposing :)


  1. I love it! I use vintage spice jars to hold my little sewing notions and this is perfect!

  2. These look gorgeous! I would have never thought to dye glass! ~Val

  3. Wow! How beautiful! I never thought you could do this! Amazing!

  4. These are lovely - what a great way to reuse and disguise all of those bottles we collect. Thanks for sharing.