Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lovely: An Upcycled Mini

I was at a fast-food joint the other day with my sweet boys and some friends. Jimmy got a kid's meal and the little toy packaging had a fun piece of cardboard in it (am I the only one that gets excited about random packaging like a piece of cardboard?). It was all nice and cut to 2.5"x3.5" which is artist trading card size. Fun! So yes, I saved the cardboard. And then asked my friend if I could have the cardboard from her son's toy package (no joke). She laughed and said of course.

So I cut up some old papers, put some vintage sewing pattern paper on the front, along with some stickers and then added some (new!) washi tape and stamped the inside. I added a jump ring and called it finished.

I started adding pictures in it and writing down little jots here and there. It will probably just be a little book of randomness. Perfect.


  1. I was just commenting to my hubby last night that I get more excited about how a package, or piece of mail is wrapped and what words or images are on it, then what might be inside :) I love all your ideas!