Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life :: Friday

Wrapping up a Week in the Life today! :)

Today: Up at 6:30am. Got to go back to sleep for a little bit while my sweet hubby kept the babies. Up for good at 8:30am. Breakfast of cheerios and blueberries again. Cleaned the house top to bottom (!!) all morning. Joshua in the sling, Jimmy my helper. Got a fun package in the mail after winning a blog giveaway. Checked in on email real quick. Lunch of PB&J (we eat a lot of that around here ;)). Biz (our miniature schnauzer) always hanging out under the table looking for fall-out food. Naptime. Rob's parents arrived for the weekend. Brought Jimmy a new bike after his old one finally gave out. He was elated. Fun family hang out time. Got Joshua to bed. Went on a date night with my hubby (!!) for a nice dinner at Texas Roadhouse followed by dessert at Applebee's (l.o.v.e. their maple butter blondies). Forgot my camera. Oh well. Loved getting to talk, restaurant-hop and enjoy a quiet meal and dessert together.

Thankful for a wonderful week. Thankful to have documented it. Yay for Week in the Life 2011. I look forward to seeing where we are a year from now.

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