Monday, August 22, 2011

deep breath.

Today marks the first day of the Fall semester for my hubby. The last Fall semester of his master's degree program. Our 4th Fall semester. Our 7th semester (the start of our 4th year) here in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

I know it's not technically Fall/Autumn yet, and it won't be for several more weeks- not trying to rush things, as we are definitely soaking up every last bit of the end of the summer. But things are getting into gear and well, it just feels like fall is nearly here. Lots of meetings to attend, school starting, etc. I love this time of year. I love getting into a new rhythm with my sweet family as school starts again and getting ready for the end of the year and the holidays (It's almost Christmas!?). I am also excited for some relief from the record-high temperatures this summer :)

Lots going on this semester. Last semester was crazy, but this semester is shaping up to be crazy also. Lots of travel going on in the next several months (mostly my hubby), including out of the country, to the other side of the country, down south, and to visit family. Looking forward to documenting some of our travels and sharing them here.

Time has absolutely flown by this year, and continues to. I have so many ideas for the shop, just have not had time to execute and develop them. Hoping to map out a plan for the next couple months, including possibly doing this craft show again. Still up for debate.

I am working on an Autumn-type journal that will be in the shop soon. Am trying to decide if I will be keeping one or if I will just make different journals for our travels. Also still up for debate.

So that's the next couple of months in a nutshell. Taking a deep breath. Ready to get started. Let's go! :)

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  1. Is your hubby by chance at Southeaster? My husband just finished seminary at Southwestern (although he won't graduate until December). I really enjoy your blog - you're way more creative than I am, but I enjoy getting inspiration from you!