Thursday, December 15, 2011

Handmade Christmas: Ornaments

*SPOILER ALERT: If you are in my immediate family, please refrain from reading the rest of this post. Christmas gifts are being shared here today :)

I am making a lot of the gifts for our (large) family this year. Not only are handmade gifts super fun, thoughtful and personal, but usually they are quite economical :) This year we decided to make several different little things, including Christmas Ornaments. I am making one for each family (or couple). I purchased a set of 6 clear glass ornaments from my local craft store the other week when they were on sale for about $2.50. These would also be great for ornament exchange parties, teacher gifts, hostess gifts, etc.

I made several different types and am loving each of them. They were super quick to make, and I made all 5 of them during my little ones naptimes. I had been wanting to try this idea I found on pinterest, and also wanted to use some Christmas ribbon I had and some I recently found. For the others, I kind of went with whatever was on my work table and ended up filling one with leftover Christmas confetti, and the other with Christmas garland.
Ornament with the garland - since the paper rounds were sewn together, they "fluffed up" nicely instead of falling flat once inside the ornament.
The invitation from my littlest sis' wedding. This one is one of my faves and I am going to make a few more like this, only with Christmas paper and vintage book pages. I will be adding one to our tree this year :)
I will also be writing a small "2011" on the bottom of each one in permanent marker to commemorate the year.


  1. I just love those little glass ball ornaments! I did the same thing a few years a go. I painted the outside as well as decoupaged tissue paper and wrapping paper to the outside. Both worked out great! But now I want to scoot out and pick up some more. For some reason it never occurred me to put something on the inside! Once again inspired.

  2. These are great! I like the one with the invitation inside. And I like the idea to use Christmas paper. I might be adding these as a gift to my family this year. Thanks for sharing =)