Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Journal 2011 :: Finished.

Yay! My holiday journal is complete. I am in love with how this journal turned out. Love it. Some of the pictures didn't print that well (printed at home, which usually works well, but my printer was acting up ;)), but I'm still happy with it. I blurred out a few photos for privacy reasons, but I feel like you still get the idea of the layout of the page. I plan on adding a few more photos to the back of when my sweet in-laws were here the day after Christmas, but am calling it finished for now :)
For the patterned paper on the left, I printed out a sheet of this free printable wrapping paper.
For Day 18, I printed this gorgeous free printable by Emily of Jones Design Company, found (via pinterest) here.
Go here to see the first half. So glad to have another one of these finished. I loved looking back through this one from last year (2010). And this one from the year before (2009). It's neat to see how my style and approach have changed each year. I'm loving it :)


  1. I am curious: When you are using your own photos, are you printing them yourself or having them printed at a photo lab?

    If you're printing them yourself are you printing them on photo paper or just regular paper and what kind of a printer are you using-Laser or ink jet?

  2. Beautfiul! Where do you find these clip rings? I have been looking for them everywhere--I'm suprised that walmart doesn't carry them. I recently put a journal together for a friend and had to use clips that I think are actually for beading or something...they work but are a tad too small. I'm afraid the pages may rip with time. Oh! Do you use any kind of sealer like mod podge to preserve your journals?

  3. OMG is a wonderfull idea and now 2012 start i have a chance.... thanks.