Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome, 2012.

Happy New Year! After making my planner last week, I started brainstorming a few goals for 2012. But first, I wanted to look back through and reflect on the my 2011 Goals.

I went through the 5 goals for my blog and shop from last year to do a final look at how that went and what I can adjust for this year. You can see a poster I created of last year's goals here.

1. Develop and Create 15 New Products for the Shop. I created 9 new products for the shop and am happy to have made that many. I didn't include a few products in this list simply because they were just paper packs (Christmas), a new version of paper rounds (Christmas), or all different sets of flashcards (School, Winter, Christmas, etc.).

2. Redesign the Blog. Done. I absolutely love my new blog layout. I love the 3-column format and my new header.

3. Keep Inventory Up to Date. I did better with this the second half of the year, but there is always room for improvement.

4. Organize Studio/Workspace (Supplies, Records, Shipping). My supplies and shipping materials are fairly well organized. My records are all on my computer in my etsy account and email, but this area still has room for improvement. Maybe a spreadsheet? If you are a shop owner, what do you do to keep your records all nice and organized?

5. Get More Involved in the Blogging Community. I feel like this is the goal I worked on the least :( With the amount of time I have to keep up my business and blog - the time it takes to be an active blogger, as well as shop upkeep, I really had limited time to pursue working on this goal.

Ready to dive in to 2012.  I will be sharing my 2012 Goals later this week after I have solidified them. Have you made goals for 2012?

* Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a planner I created and put together last week. I will be announcing a winner later today.


  1. Recently I found this blog and love it. You are an inspiring woman ... God continue to bless your family and everything you do

  2. Sounds wonderful! Here's to 2012--Bring it on!!

  3. I am working on my goals too. I like calling them goals instead of resolutions! I plan on writing mine and keeping them on the refrig where I can always see them while I"m in the kitchen.

  4. It sounds like you made great progress toward your 2011 goals. I have really enjoyed discovering your blog in the last month or so... you have such wonderful ideas to share! Happy new year!

  5. I definately need to focus on social networking aswell. It is high on my priority list for goals this year. I have been reading quite a few articles that do have some decent ideas, if you havent yet I would suggest going to, she has some great videos for promoting, selling items online, and other great tips and tricks. Good luck!