Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Working On: Valentine Pillow

I shared this pillow cover a looooonnng time ago. So long ago I couldn't even find it in my archives after a quick search ;) Unfortunately, I never finished it and just found it recently at the bottom of my fabric stash. Whoops ;) So I began working on it the other day and am determined to finish it. 
After sewing a red or pink border and white backing fabric, this will be a simple envelope-type enclosure pillow case. No zippers, no buttons (mostly because I still don't know how to sew in a zipper ;)). Just tuck it in and call it done.

Basically, all I did was use a water soluble marker and hand write "love" (which I then stitched with red embroidery floss), and then drew two hearts. One is filled with sewn-on buttons, the other has a patchwork of pink and lovely fabrics sewn on. I will share the finished product in the next couple weeks before Valentine's Day :)