Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY :: Paper Bunting Greeting Card

I have seen a lot of cute bunting ideas floating around all over the www and decided to do a quick project making and using bunting. I had a bunch of old paper scraps and decided to make a little greeting card :)
I printed "hello, friend" on a blank greeting card to get started. You could also handwrite any sort of message. 
I cut out some triangular pennant-looking shapes from a rainbow of old paper scraps.
I then measured and placed two sets of dots to know where to punch my holes to string the bunting string through (you could also eyeball it :)).
 And then punched the holes with a 1/16" paper punch- you could also use a pushpin to punch the holes.
 I strung some baker's twine through and tied them on the interior of the card.
 And then arranged the flags how I wanted them to be placed.
And adhered them with permanent rolling adhesive. I butted them up against and a tad over the baker's twine to hold the baker's twine in place.
 Voila! A simple and quick bunting greeting card :)


  1. Very cute idea :-) Paper bunting eh? Have never heard of that before! Definitely something I will try

  2. Very cute. Thanks for the step by step.

  3. Hey girl! This totally shows my ignorance in the world of crafting, but what exactly is "bunting"?

  4. I really like your blog. It is very creative. Where can I run here to take a peek at what you posted. Congratulations!
    Viviane Delani from: Aprendendo muito a cada dia!!! (

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  7. thanks for the step by step.
    I will try it out.