Wednesday, April 4, 2012

around here

around here. enjoying warm weather. with a few cooler days sprinkled in. super busy as the end of my hubby's semester (and graduation!) is approaching. savoring and am thankful for the little things each day :) + working on lots of things for the shop, including paper packs and more journals. have lots of journal ideas lined up. paper is bought or ordered. trying to find the time to put them all together :) hoping to finish and list these by this friday or monday of next week. + bought a few more plants that we aren't starting from seeds - oregano and romaine. putting these in the ground soon. + our first sprout came up the other day -- sugar snap peas! yay! + my new food obsession is fruit and yogurt parfaits. vanilla yogurt, fresh (or frozen but thawed) berries, and granola. such a yummy warm weather treat. + i bought a new pen - a Recollections Marker. am loving it. a lot. highly recommend it + we love us some fresh pineapple. also a yummy snack. + my sweet boys love digging in the garden box. just have to make sure it's not where seeds are planted ;) + taking lots of family walks and/or playing out in the backyard in the evening after dinner. love.


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