Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY :: Vintage Sheet Sketch Journal

I wanted to throw together a super quick journal with blank pages (much like this journal, but with blank pages) that could be used for throwing in a purse, taking along, and using for sketches. I decided to use a vintage sheet (and a vintage button), lined with white fabric for a cover, a button and tie closure, and blank recycled paper pages. This seriously took me about a half hour start to finish (including cutting and pressing the fabric). So it's super quick (read: done during naptime :)). *I am having some camera lens issues right now, some of the images are not the best - my apologies ;)
+ 9"x12" piece of vintage sheet fabric (or any fabric)
+ 9"x12" piece of white fabric
+ large button
+ 7" piece of decorative ribbon
+ 10 sheets blank recycled computer paper
+ needle and thread
+ sewing machine, scissors (for trimming)
+ butterfly document clips (to hold pages in place while sewing, not pictured)
Begin by sewing the button to the vintage sheet. This way the thread won't show through on the inside cover. Next, pin the sheet to the white fabric, and pin the piece of decorative ribbon opposite and lined up with the button (see picture).
I simply sewed the two pieces together with about a 1/2" seam allowance. I started where the ribbon was pinned to reinforce it.
Sew all around the perimeter and then you have a nice looking little journal shell.
Using the document clips, clip the paper in place, centered on all sides of the fabric shell (sorry for the weird blurry picture!)
I measured in 5.5" and made a couple marks so I would know where to sew down the middle.
Sew down the middle and backstitch on both ends. Trim the extra threads off.
Voila! A quick and easy vintage sheet sketch journal :)