Thursday, May 31, 2012

a card a day: june daily challenge

I have loved doing the photo a day: in may challenge this past month (will share the final few photos later today :)). I love that I was completing a fairly easy challenge to capture one moment per day. For me, it was a good start to getting used to an everyday challenge.

So for June: I have decided to create a small card each day. 
The cards are 3"x4" and I cut them from white cardstock (only takes 5 sheets - 6 cards per sheet), and I decided to round the corners. Random challenge, you say? :) I used to have a cute little scrapbook calendar that had a "layout a day" every day of the year. I knew there was no way I could possibly do a huge 12"x12" (or even 8.5"x11") layout per day (I've also seen creating a "greeting card" a day! Fun!). So I started thinking on a smaller level. I like the idea of creating a mini-layout each day. The 3"x4" parameter will be challenging, but also good to have the constraint. I also mainly chose this size so that they could fit in my Project Life album. Or possibly into a little mini album. However, I'm not sure how I will put them all together yet.
What will each card be like? At this point, I have thought of a couple ideas and themes - I plan to do each color in the rainbow. And also like the idea of creating cards around one word, like vintage, or paper, or washi tape, or map, or a thought or emotion: happy, excited, think, discover. Things like that. I will also do a lot of randomness, I'm sure - whatever I'm feeling like creating that particular day :) I will use bits and pieces I have around my workspace - bits of paper, maybe pictures or words from a magazine, washi tape, sewing, anything really! I'm thinking this will also be a good way to use up some scraps :)
So, would you like to join in? Whether you are able to complete a card every day, every other day, etc., the point is to flex your creative muscles by creating. Creating a simple and small card. I'd love to see what you create! I've set up a flickr group here. Feel free to post pictures of your cards, or take a look at others. Alright, June begins tomorrow. Let's get started! :)


  1. I am IN!!! I did something similar to this on my blog for February - the 29 day creative challenge. It was super fun to force yourself to be creative every day. I got better and better with each day. And when it was over... i felt like i was on crack or something. I had to keep going and then kinda fizzled out. But i am ready to do this again. Thanks for letting us all join the fun!
    Lindsay Ostrom

  2. This looks like so much fun!

  3. Me gustaría hacer lo mismo y quizá alguna vez lo haga, me apetece mucho. Suerte y feliz creatividad!

  4. Great challenge! Good luck, I can't wait to follow along.

  5. I'm in too! This will be a fun challenge. Off to get my supplies together now!

  6. love this idea and i'm soooooo joining in on the fun!!!!! do you have an instagram hash for this?