Friday, June 15, 2012

right now.

+ am glad it is friday :)
+ am looking forward to going to the Wake Forest Farmer's Market in the morning. it's become a weekly outing for our family :)
+ am thankful for your comments about the garden - i will be thinning out the carrots (hoping that I haven't missed the window) and keeping an eye on the zucchini plant (am kind of glad to have zucchini, i sort of regretted not planting any! ;)) thank you for your help and encouragement!
+ am loving that kam left a comment on Katie's WorkSpaces post - they live in an Earthship too! SO cool!
+ am waiting on one last shipment of fabric swatches (!!) for the new journals - it was delayed a couple days and will hopefully be here this weekend so the journals can be finished and listed in the shop (a sneak peek in case you missed it on my FB page :))
+ am going to wait on listing the embellishment packs that will coordinate with the journals as well.
+ am loving this altered book journal by alissa fast - she uses up leftover supplies and makes them into a journal. and it's gorgeous! :)
+ am excited to soon add an ikea expedit bookshelf to my studio area (thanks to my mama and dad :)). i will be sharing my workspace in a couple weeks (going to rearrange it!). will also be sharing more workspaces from other crafters and handmade business owners starting again next week.
+ my current food crave is watermelon.
+ will be sharing an update here on card-a-day this weekend. i love this project!
+ am looking forward to burgers on the grill with fresh corn and watermelon this weekend.
+ am loving this recipe for some incredible hot fudge pie (and i don't usually like chocolatey-chocolate desserts. but this is incredible). one of my friends brought it to our women's bible study on wednesday. made it yesterday for some friends who came for dinner. am trying to talk myself out of making it again (i used mostly all organic ingredients, so that makes it ok, right? ;)).
+ am wishing you and yours a fabulous weekend!


  1. great post! I just did one like this yesterday!

  2. Love love this post, just did one yesterday too and seems everyone is doing them. It must be the summer air in all of us!!

    Can't wait to see your cards and I wish you a fabulous weekend also!!

  3. Can't wait to see your work space along with others..I too am currently workign on my space and would love some ideas!