Wednesday, August 8, 2012

garden: an update

After our massive heatwave several weeks ago, and leaving town when our air conditioning broke, I pretty much thought the garden was through :( Most all of the plants wilted in a matter of a day (even with lots of water). But, we pulled all of what was left (we lost several squash plants, lettuce, some carrots) up onto the deck and kept watering. And kept watering. And then watered some more. A lot of the plants revived. And somehow, the oregano and parsley were completely brown and wilted and started sprouting new leaves! Yay!
We have been able to harvest lots of herbs, some (very baby) carrots (my sweet son loved pulling them up out of the dirt!), cucumbers, and onions are not far off. I have some sort of squash plant that is flowering, except I'm not sure what squash it is (pumpkin or yellow?) - the marker got lost ;)
My tomato plants are three feet tall, and flowered, but never produced any tomatoes :( I've been researching as to why this happened... I'm still excited that I grew tomato plants from seed. But not so excited that I didn't get any fruit from them ;)
So once again, a season of learning with the garden. I think the containers were a bit too small. Maybe larger containers next season? Also may try out organic fertilizer? Maybe we just need a larger, sunny plot of land to grow directly in the ground? :)


  1. So Nice garden, I have also been waiting to see, how it's going on with All your vegetables and herbs. Nice harvest! Even without organic fertilizer. Great inspiration, be I should try the same next year. Have a great day

  2. Your garden looks great! Ours is in desperate need of weeding. Plus, I always seem to plant more than we can actually eat- with good intentions to preserve it all. I never have as much time to spend out there as I'd like!

  3. Hey there, love your blog. Next year you could trie to make your own fertilizer out of stinging nettles. You just put them in a large barrel (wood or metall, no plastic) and add water. Also you should close the barrel with a plank or something. Leave the nettles there for 14 days and stir it every day. It gets a bit thicker and kind of smells awefull, but it works wonder. Greetings from austria.

  4. We lost most of our container fruits and veggies while we were gone on vacation too.....bummer. Our tomatoes did great, though. I'm using an Earth Box this year for the first time and have had great success with my tomatoes! You should check into them since you have a patio garden too! Nothing like a home grown tomato!

  5. I've nominated you for my top 15 for the 'very inspiring blogger award'.