Friday, September 28, 2012

Yep, I'm still here.

Still getting into a rhythm with our new little one. Still waiting on sleep ;) Love our little (big?!) family of five. So, as I am holding my little one (while she sleeps :)) each evening when the house is calm and quiet, I've been pinning and favorite-ing these links. Enjoy!

+ Now that Fall is here, be sure to check out this checklist for photo prompts and ideas.
+ Loving this super cute vintage button necklace.
+ And these vintage style labels.
+ Love the simple reminder in this print.
+ Oh my goodness, are these little coin purses not absolutely adorable? Christmas presents, anyone?!
+ This yummy-looking bread is on the menu this weekend.
+ Am thinking I will add this amazing tomato soup to the menu for next week (I don't normally like tomato soup. But this recipe is absolutely fabulous.)
+ Love this free download of a super cool vintage camera. DIY wall art!
+ Love this DIY Woodburning post. We used to create all sorts of fun things using the woodburner in my dad's shop growing up. SO much fun.
+ Really want to try this with my hair.
+ Love this branding - her business cards are sewn onto prints of her photography - brilliant!
+ If you're in to typography, this hilarious game is so much fun. And a great way to waste pass some time ;) (This game is fun, too!)
+ Am thinking I might have to make one of these in the future with my instagram pictures.
+ Might have to order one of these gorgeous scarves before it gets really cold.

P.S. I will hopefully be listing the new Everyday journals in my shop sometime next week. So excited about these :) And don't forget to grab an Autumn Journal if you've been thinking about purchasing one. I have several left and will ship them promptly so you can begin documenting the season :)


  1. Happy to hear you're enjoying time with your new little bundle!

  2. So glad your enjoying your family.
    I love Pinterest... So much better than bookmarking stuff. Will check out your links!