Friday, November 9, 2012

30 Days of Thankful - November 3 - 9.

30 Days of Thankful. Loving this little challenge. Loving the simple reminder that I have so, so many things to be thankful for, each and every day.
November 3 - Thankful for the gorgeous changing leaves and the reminder of God's beautiful creation.

November 4 - Thankful for a family trip to Hilton Head to visit with Rob's parents - and a warm, sunny day at the beach.

November 5 - Thankful for palm trees. I know it's silly, but I seriously love palm trees. Maybe it's because I don't live near any - it was fun to see these in Hilton Head. They are so fun to me! :)

November 6 - Thankful for a visit to The Salty Dog Cafe - or "Salty Dog Town" as my sweet 5 year old would say. Our first time as a family of five :) Always fun to have a yummy meal, walk out on the pier and explore the shops.

November 7 - Thankful for a fun new line of products that will be available soon :) 

 November 8 - Thankful for how excited I get about paper. I love paper :)

November 9 - Thankful for taking the time to notice little things my children do that might otherwise go unnoticed. I found this milk truck on the steps the other night - My son had put blocks on either side of the truck as brakes - like he had seen on a firetruck out in town. 
Adorable. My heart flutters :)

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  1. Thankful for people like you writing great blogs!