Thursday, November 1, 2012

hello, november.

hello, november. 
hello, almost end of the year.
hello, month filled with lots of fun things happening.
hello, month that i will begin planning for the holidays.
hello, month that we will be traveling a lot.
hello, month that we will be seeing lots of family!
hello, month that we will celebrate thanksgiving and everything we are grateful for.
hello, month that holiday journals will be mailed to their new homes!
hello, month that new wood mounted stamps will show up in my shop (thanks for all of the guesses! :))
hello, month that i will start a rainbow quilt with this gorgeous fabric.
hello, month that i may not finish the rainbow quilt, but that's ok ;)
happy november! what do you have going on this month? :)


  1. Cute stamps :) Luckily I am not going to be too busy in November, so Ill try to get some Christmas shopping done, so I can fully enjoy December :)