Tuesday, October 1, 2013

oh, hey there october

Yay! Happy October :) Another one of my fave months (I pretty much love September-December :)). The air is cooling down, the heat comes on in the wee hours of the morning, and I love it. Hot cocoa mix is made, apple cider is bought, and I'm excited. Pretty much everything on this list from last year is on my list for this year :)

Other than those exciting things, I have a few goals for this month (trying to get back into goal setting :)).
+ Clean up and clean out my workspace - when I work, things get pulled out of every nook and cranny - I love to be surrounded by all of this inspiration, but I also reach a point of needing it all to be surrounding me nice and neatly ;)
+ Document the season - I tried to do this last fall - but given everything going on, I just couldn't - you can see 2011's Autumn Journal here. I plan to be using one of my Gratitude Journals (I have a few left in the shop here!).
+ Get pre-orders up in my shop for Holiday Journals! I have a bunch of the supplies I need, but am waiting on a few new paper lines to become available. The plan is to be making two (!!!) different types of journals this year - one will have a vintage-y type feel, the other will be more in line with my typical style - see last year's and the year before. The journals will be 5"x7" this year and super fun :) I'm also working on a few Envelope Advent Books for the shop - totally fun to DIY, but sometimes easier to buy if time is tight ;)


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