Monday, October 7, 2013

treasure hunting: an old recipe box

I was in a thrift store (who doesn't love thrift stores? I mean, really :)) this weekend and came across this gem - a vintage recipe box full of gorgeous recipes - some handwritten, some cut from old magazines and newspapers, some typed (with a real typewriter :)).
I was delighted upon finding it - and even more happy that it was only $.50! Some of the recipes date back to the 1970s. Some are more recent. I can't help but wonder where this little box used to be - whose kitchen it used to sit in, what recipes were used for family gatherings and celebrations. I love finding vintage treasures - such stories behind them, even if they are unknown, still a treasure nonetheless :)


  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I love it! I gave my mother a recipe box in 1975 for Christmas and a few years ago she gave it back to me . . . with all the recipes included and they look just like what you have there. I also found a recipe for Pecan Pie that my Great Grandmother Effie gave my Mom in 1979 in her own handwriting! Yes,. . . a keepsake & it is in a shadow box with her photo. My Great Grandmother would be 120 if she were still living. :)

    1. What a wonderful gift and treasure :) And a great idea to put the recipe and photo in a shadow box so it can always be enjoyed and your great grandmother remembered!! :)

  2. What a find, well done! Hope you get to cook some of the recipes.

  3. Wow, those recipe cards are SUCH a treasure!