Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Confetti Cards

I recently shared a DIY for these Mini MiniBooks and they were popular in my shop, so I decided to do a Holiday Edition. I had a customer ask if I could create just a 3"x4" Confetti Card, like the cover of the Mini MiniBook. So I did! :) These are much like my Confetti Windows that have been a super popular item in my shop (only these are sewn to paper), and like the covers to a lot of my wedding books over the years.... just smaller :) These are perfect for PL. Perfect. So all you PL'ers - these little cuties are now available in my shop :)
In other news:
+ I will be making more of the regular (Non-Holiday) Mini MiniBooks and putting them in the shop later this week -- these are perfect stocking stuffers, and they are $10, shipped :) 

+ Be on the lookout for a Black Friday coupon code this week. Get some of your holiday shopping done in your PJ's, in the comfort of your home :)

+ Thank you all so, so much for reading here and for your support with my shop. My family and I are grateful! Thank you!! 


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