Thursday, February 6, 2014

working on: vintage sheet quilt

I recently bought a bunch of beautiful vintage sheet charm squares from this fabulous shop on etsy during an end-of-the-year sale. They are fabulous. Beautiful, beautiful vintage patterns. I've been wanting to make a quilt and these squares seemed like a perfect way to go about doing that. 
I kept the squares 5" and simply laid them out. It's a great project for doing in bits and pieces. Just piecing it all together, sewing straight seams and then ironing the seams. So little by little, it is coming together.
I work on it when I have a spare minute - it's easy to pick up and do for a minute and then leave to come back to later. 
I've finished the quilt top and am now ready to make my "quilt sandwich" and start the harder part of quilting it. 
Hoping to wrap this one up soon. Excited to have a new blanket to snuggle under on these cold days!