Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quilted List Takers

I found this *amazing* tutorial on etsy in jcasa's shop, and decided to give it a try-- it was only $7.00 for a downloadable pdf, and I needed gifts to make for Christmas that would be inexpensive. They are called "Quilted List Takers" and are a fun way to carry around lists. The inside opens up to hold a mini-size legal pad, a pen, as well as an extra pocket to put receipts or what-not in. It proved to be a great "investment" -- I have since made many, many, many of these list-takers for gifts as well as to sell! The tutorial is very easy to understand (something I definitely needed) and includes pictures! And, each only takes about an hour to make.

I made these three for my 3 sisters for Christmas-- my first ones! (I think they turned out pretty ok :))

Two of these were to sell, and one was a gift for a friend.

The inside!

In the process of making the front.

The beginnings.

I am finally going to make one for myself out of these fabrics that my parents gave me for Christmas several years ago. Can't wait to get this one done! :)

I highly recommend this pattern-- it's great for beginners! Give it a try, you'll be glad you did! :)


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