Friday, April 24, 2009

Wake Forest Herb Festival

We had a hot 90 degree day today- Finally warm (hot) weather! It was a great family day and we went to an Herb Festival in downtown Wake Forest. There were all sorts of herbs and organic plants. I am looking forward to getting an potted herb garden going on my back porch. Fresh herbs all the time!

Jimmy loved riding in the red wagon, looking at all the plants. He kept pointing to all of them and say "Fowders!" (Flowers) and "Is dot!" (It's hot).

I have been completely up to my ears in getting my sister's wedding programs and such done by next week that I have not prepared a Weekender! My apologies! Be on the lookout for one next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hey girlie.. just found your blog through facebook! Love it you have such creative ideas :-)

  2. Hey Lindsay! Thanks! :) Happy Birthday to your baby! (Can we call them babies any more?) I can't believe Jimmy is almost 2. Where does the time go! :)