Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekender! Inspiration/Idea Journal

So I am extremely late in posting today! My apologies! :) As we all know, days can turn out not quite as planned :) So I've been thinking a lot about this weekend's Weekender and what exactly to do. I thought about what inspires me (lots of things) and how I keep track of them. I have a journal with blank pages in it I got several years ago, and now I usually never leave home without it! If I'm out and think of an idea or see something "neat", I write it down in there or throw a tidbit in it (like a business card or something). This particular journal is almost full :( and so my sweet hubby bought me a new bigger one for Christmas. I have found a lot of inspiring things on the internet on various websites and etsy shops and got them printed like photos and am getting ready to paste them into my new "book".

Soooo, if you have a blank journal, notebook, or anything with a lot of pages laying around, use it for an Inspiration and Idea Journal! Decorate the cover, jot a few notes on the first page about how you will use the journal. Then keep it in a handy place where you can go jot things down when you have an idea or find some inspiration. It's really fun to look back through my journal and see how different things have inspired me at different times, and to have "Oh I forgot about that" moments when seeing a picture of a particular thing.

Dive in! Be creative! Write down and capture what inspires you and ideas you have! Enjoy!

This is my new journal-- still need to paste the pics in!

Check my etsy shop this weekend - I will be listing a handmade,
customizable "Idea/Inspiration Journal"!
Have a great weekend!


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