Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!

Hello and Happy Monday, and Happy Mother's Day yesterday!

We had a very busy and very fun weekend with family and friends. Yesterday, May 10 was my son's 2nd birthday, as well as Mother's Day! We had a small party with family and some close friends on Saturday. It was so much fun! Jimmy LOVED seeing all his family and some of his friends. We had a cookout and a fabulous Lightning McQueen birthday cake. He LOVES all the "Cars" characters and anything that has wheels -- "Beeps" or "Weeooohs" (police cars, ambulances, fire trucks).

Having fun with friends and family

Helping Daddy grill food for the party

A real "Beep" to ride in! Thanks Mimi and Dahdaw!

Cousin Harper

Lightning McQueen Cake!

Fun with Mimi and Dahdaw

Playing with Noah

Talking outside with Dahdaw

Playing with Harper

Playing outside on Mother's Day and Birthday

Five Faves Coming Later Today!


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