Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How To: Make a Paper Tree Card

I've been trying to think of a fun summertime blank card, and started thinking about all the wonderful trees in our yard. So, I decided to make a tree card! It took less than 20 minutes, so fast and simple to make! I was trying to decide if I should write "Happy Father's Day" on the front. I think it would make a great Father's Day card. What do you think?

So, if you would like to make one, here are a few directions on how I put this one together.

1. Gather supplies. I already had a blank 4" x 5.5" notecard, but you can easily make one from an 8.5" x 11" white sheet of card stock. Just cut it in half on the long side and fold in half. Voila! I had some scraps of greens and browns that I wanted to use up for the leaves and ground, and some blue to use for the sky.

2. Punch or cut circles. I punched 1.5" circles and 1" circles out of the scraps. If you don't have a punch, just handcut some circles- they don't have to be perfect- that's what makes your card unique!
3. Make the sky and grass. I cut a piece of blue paper to approximately 3.75" x 5.25", so as to have a nice 1/8" white border. (I use Tombow Permanent Adhesive available here, or at Michael's or AC Moore. This stuff is FABULOUS and always goes on smoothly and easily. I've tried cheaper versions and it is NOT the same.) I then cut some grass out of green patterned paper to 3.75" x 2.5" and tore about a 1/2" off (to give it an organic look), and glued it down.

4. Make the tree trunk. I cut a tree trunk out of brown paper, colored it lightly with a regular pencil, smudged it with my finger and then crumbled it a little bit to make it look like tree bark. I also tore a smidge off the bottom (again, to make it look organic), and then glued it down.

5. Attach the leaves. This is the fun part! Start gluing down your leaves into any pattern you like at the top of your tree trunk. I had mine "run off" the edge of the card and then trimmed them with scissors.

6. Write a message on the front or inside. A few ideas: Happy Father's Day, Just a Note..., Just Saying "Hi", Hello!, Miss you! - Or just leave it blank.

7. You're finished! Now go give or send it to someone special! Good job! :)

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  1. this is really lovely, your tutorials are great! I'm really glad I've found your blog, I think it's my favourite so far