Friday, May 1, 2009

New Jersey: Weekender! A-Z

Happy Friday! My younger sister Bonnie is getting married tomorrow! I arrived with my youngest sister, Christina, last night after a LONG day of driving for 10 hours from Wake Forest, NC to Harrisonburg, VA (to pick up Christina) to Mt. Arlington, NJ. It was great to have several hours in the car to catch up with Christina. We were really tired once we arrived, but it was wonderful to see the rest of my family. We put the favors together and started tying all the ribbon to the programs last night-- Bonnie was really, really happy with them, so that was great! :)

In honor of National Scrapbooking Day (Tomorrow, May 2) Jessica Sprague (a scrapbooking guru) is offering two free classes online here. It looks as though these will be great classes for beginners, both in paper as well as digital scrapbooking. I will be busy with Bonnie's wedding here in New Jersey, but I can't wait to try it out once I get home!

So for Weekender! this weekend, I've been thinking that since it's a new month, it would be fun to start a month-long project: to produce a mini-album. Working on it bit by bit each week will give you time to ponder all the different components (ideas, details, journaling, embellishments, etc) that you'd like to include. Although this project could be completed in a much shorter time-span, working with a longer time frame provides more opportunity to come up lots of great ideas!

So, for today: 1. Think about someone special in your life that you would like the mini album to be about- a spouse, a child, mother, father, sister, brother, friend or even a pet. Or it could be a mini album about yourself! 2. Now, make a list of the alphabet, A-Z. Think of verbs, nouns, adjectives that describe the special someone.

I am going to make my album about my son, Jimmy. So, for example:
A - Adorable
B - Bubbly
C - Curious

Keep this list, add to it, change things as you think about it this weekend.

3. Gather some pictures or momentos pertaining to that person. I'm thinking I have some clothes tags I just took off some new clothes for Jimmy that have the size on them, 2T for how little (or big) he is right now :) Or little things picked up from outings-- really anything that has to do with them, who they are, what they like, things you'd like to remember, will be great.

Keep all of this together and be on the lookout for a possible post with a small "Mini Album To Do" sometime next week before Friday!

Have a great weekend!!


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