Thursday, June 11, 2009

Storage space

My parents are coming down to visit tomorrow for the weekend- YAY!! :) Cannot wait to see them - it's been awhile! My son keeps saying "Bots?! NanaBots?" -- his names for them- he can't wait to see them either. We'll be carrying on our tradition of having chinese food for dinner (they always have chinese food on Friday nights and they absolutely LOVE our amazing chinese restaurant). So excited!

My dad builds furniture on the side for fun - and it has been nothing short of a huge blessing to my husband and I. I think I can count on one hand the pieces of furniture in our house that were not made by him. My dad is constantly looking for new projects - and his latest one is a bookcase to house my crafting/work supplies in my workspace! They will be bringing it tomorrow- I am SO excited! I designed it and sent him the sketches (not completely accurate measurements, but he always does the math for me ;)) along with a few "inspirational" pieces to show what I was looking for. It is going to be unfinished, so I will paint it myself (hopefully sometime soon ;)) It will be perfect for housing 12x12 paper, books and what not; it will also have a place to put ribbon spools! I haven't seen any pics yet (he wanted it to be a surprise ;)). I'll post pics next week!

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