Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the Craft Table

I was punching 1.5" paper rounds this weekend from all my scrap paper and wanted to arrange them by color. I am putting together little packs of 50 rounds (for the Craft Show) and wanted to be sure to get a good mix of colors for each pack. After making piles started getting messy (paper circles were all over the place), I decided to rummage around in my kitchen for some bowls to hold each color. As I started pulling out a ton of different bowls, an ice cube tray on the top shelf caught my eye. PERFECT! I pulled the ice cube tray out and brought it back to the craft table to see if the rounds would fit. They fit PERFECTLY. YAY! What a handy dandy way to keep all the colors sorted. And they stack. Lovely.

I have also been sewing up business card holders and mini clutches (they're itty bitty cute!) to send to my older sis up in PA. She is MASTER seamstress and has a snap machine thing-a-ma-jig - Not sure how the thing works, I just know it'll put the snaps on instead of having to sew each snap (top and bottom) on by hand. So she's helping make my life so much easier by doing that. Yay! Thanks sis!
Minis ready for snaps!

Kinda what the mini will look like- the button isn't sewn on yet and the final seams aren't in, but you get the idea ;)


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