Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Working On: Fabric Bookmarks

Deviating a little from the schedule today-- I made 5 fabric bookmarks yesterday and finally got into a rhythm with making them and wanted to go ahead and make all 20. I've made 11 so far and am very happy with them.

All in all, there are a couple things I haven't completed on the schedule, but for the most part I've been able to keep up.

I've had a lot of my friends (mostly all who have children) ask me how I'm able to get things done on top of caring and playing with my son and keeping up with housework. It is quite a delicate balance, and I often fail. By the grace of God, I am learning more how to balance everything. I do most of my craft work during naptime hours and during evening hours after Jimmy has gone to bed. My hubby and I have "work nights" when we are both doing our own thing - he has a small business consulting and building/installing sound systems mostly for churches, studio recording, and other audio stuff (that I don't quite understand, lol :)). So some nights we are doing that, other nights he is at church with band practice; so I work, and other nights we have hang out time together. Sometimes during the day, Jimmy will "help" me in my studio/work area by coloring, playing with fabric remnants or pulling all the scrap pieces of paper out of the trashcan. He is also very good at helping me "clean up" or "dah-ba-dee-ing" (his words for cleaning), and loves to help with laundry and loading the dishwasher. Also, he is good at keeping himself entertained sometimes so I can clean the bathroom, fix supper, etc. We have lots of play time, though, running in circles around the house, and he loves for me to sit on his ride-a-long Lightning McQueen and he pushes me around the house, Biz (our miniature schnauzer) barking the whole time at us (I'm sure this would be QUITE hilarious to watch and I often wonder what it would look like if we got it on video).

But like I said, everyday is a learning process, and I'm quite thankful for God's grace with me as well as Jimmy's grace with his mama. I read a great post the other day over here at I Have to Say... It was a great reminder to me about how one day Jimmy will be all grown up, and I don't want to regret missing any of the small things with this precious little one God has blessed my hubby and I with.
Jimmy loves to bring his beeps (cars) over and "help" me. Don't worry I don't have the scissors or anything like that out when he's "helping". :)

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