Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello, Tuesday.

I hope everyone had a fabulous (3 day) weekend! My hubby's parents came for a visit- it was a lot of fun seeing them :)

At the moment:

- Still trying to decide what to give my sweet hubby for his birthday on Wednesday (9-9-09!)
- Getting ready for the Craft Fair in Durham in less than 3 weeks! Mostly finished with inventory, thinking of ideas for displaying everything.
- Cannot figure out a fun cover for this red-themed found paper journal. The journal is completely finished, except for the cover. I'm stumped on this one. Going to try to make it to the craft store this week for some inspiration and some red-type paper.
- Trying to decide if I should make more Pear Notecards. I think they're adorable, but they're quite difficult to sew.
- Staring at about 15 quilted list takers that have yet to be finished because my sewing machine tension setting is being difficult. Going to try to take it to a repair shop to see what's going on in the next day or two :(
- Excited about these fabric bookmarks, however a handful of them still need to be sewn... waiting for the sewing machine to get better.
- Just found out about advertising in "goodie bags" at an annual children's consignment sale here in town. Working on designing a quarter sheet flyer, printing and cutting 250 by this Wednesday.


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