Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Faves

Happy Monday! An alphabet theme today! :)
1. Alphabetty screenprinted fabric sketchbook by summersville
2. Alphabet poster by ThePaperTray
3. Pattern for ABC activity book by shelleywallace
Mini vintage alphabet cards from 30one

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with Rob's sister, her husband and daughter, and Rob's parents. Lots of yummy turkey, stuffing, green beans, rolls, cranberry sauce and pie. It was a wonderful time being together, hanging out and eating.

Jimmy and his cousin drawing on their pages for the Gratitude album

Rob's parents kept Jimmy overnight for us Thursday night until Friday evening. It was wonderful to have some us time with Rob - we rented a Redbox movie, then got to sleep in (!! forgotten what that's like, lol) - and we actually braved Black Friday. It was the first time we'd been out on Black Friday ever, I think. :) We went to Target, found a few good deals on a few things (jeans and shoes for Rob, and a couple seasons of House for $12.99 - regularly $44.99. These will be our Christmas presents to eachother ;)) and then went to WalMart looking for Scrabble for $5. Sadly, they didn't have it. It really wasn't that crowded at either store, busy, but not crazy. Granted, we were there at 10am and not 5am. After some Mexican food for lunch, we traveled back to Durham, walked around the mall and saw The Blind Side (FABULOUS movie) and then picked up our sweet Jimmy that evening. He had SO much fun with Rob's parents and was definitely sad to leave, but I think he was excited to see Biz (our dog) and get back in his own bed :)

We actually got our Christmas tree on Saturday evening- by far the EARLIEST we have EVER gotten a Christmas tree, but last year we didn't decorate until like, December 22, so we were itching to get decorating ;). It has all the lights on, but no ornaments yet, lol. And it is smelling fantastic. Love the Christmas tree smell.
Be on the lookout for my finished Gratitude mini album- I'm finishing it up and will post it later this week- I am loving how it turned out :)

Have a fabulous Monday! Enjoy the last day of November :)


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