Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello, Monday.

Happy Monday! Whew, it has been super crazy busy the past several days - my littlest sis was in town for the week last week, my birthday, and my hubby and my's 6 year anniversary (yesterday!); among sending out Christmas cards, working on last minute custom orders, making Christmas presents and of course, trying to keep up with laundry and cleaning house and making meals :) I have finally finished all custom orders and am delivering/shipping them today! Wow! We delivered a huge custom order in Greensboro on Friday right as the huge snowstorm was beginning - that was the most we saw of any of the snow (Humph! ;)). We had a few flurries and ice on Friday night and that's about it. Ha! Everywhere my hubby and I have ever lived all had TONS of snow. I kept calling my parents (in Fredericksburg, VA) and asking them (almost hourly) how much snow they had. I think the final total was 18 inches. EIGHTEEN! Sheesh! Maybe one day it will snow here in Wake Forest. Maybe. :) Can you tell we love snow? :)

I am catching up on my December Daily and will post pictures of that in the next day or two (before Christmas!).
Another busy week this week getting ready for family to come into town, finishing and wrapping presents, and baking!

So enjoying this holiday season. My hubby and I are enjoying our sweet son
and his wonder as we read the Christmas story and talk with him about what Christmas is all about and what we are celebrating. So enjoying the Christmas tree, the lights, the cold weather, hot spiced cider, and sitting on the couch in the evenings and just talking with my hubby and not feeling rushed or stressed (his semester is over so everything has slowed way down- YAY!). So thankful for the blessing of a warm and cozy home and a wonderful family. So looking forward to seeing both sides of our family in the next week.

I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas season and celebrating each and every moment and making fun memories. :)

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  1. We didn't get snow either. It was such a bummer. Oh well. =)