Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not much going on on the craft table right now. In fact, there's a stack of vintage books, a few buttons, a spool of thread, a half drunk (drank? drinken? drunken?) bottle of water, some cafe curtains I'm getting ready to "adjust" to fit our back patio door window and my sewing machine.

Gearing up for a few custom orders that are in the works, but pretty much taking a break for right now. My hubby is out of town until later today and my son is in the middle of potty training, and we supposedly have a pretty nasty ice storm coming this weekend, so he and I have been out catching all the sales at the grocery stores trying to get ready for that. I spent last night (after my son went to bed) organizing the pantry - it felt good to actually have some order in that thing, I've been bad about throwing stuff in there and not keeping it managed.

So about those cafe curtains - they are about 3 inches too short to cover our back patio door window. I found them on super-clearance at Target (along with some nice 84" white sailcloth panels - 2 for $8.31) and figured I could somehow add some fabric to the bottom to make them work. Trying to decide if one solid color would be best, but I have an itch to make some sort of patchwork type something. Here are some different fabrics I was looking at.... can't decide which ones to use, although since the curtains are a cream color (under all the fabrics, with the tab tops) - I'm thinking the green, the brown corduroy and cream floral and maybe the yellow. We don't really have a "theme" in the kitchen- our kitchen/dining area is all pretty much open to Jimmy's play area and our living area...And since our entire house is browns, greens, tans, and camel colors, I figured those colors would fit right in nicely :) We'll see.
Still working on this project, hoping to have it done relatively soon!

What about you? Any projects you're working on right now?


  1. I'm trying to work on Valentine cards at the moment. Here's to hoping they turn out =)

  2. Great idea! I love your color palette. So inspiring. I just got a sewing machine yesterday and am having a blast. I will post picks soon. Trying out a simple block quilt in blacks and whites.

  3. Right now I'm trying to design some non-personalized stationery for my Etsy shop. Love to read your blog!

  4. i have a "crafty date" once a month with some girlfriends where we each host a month and provide breakfast treats and a craft to do. its so much fun! so today i'm preparing for that tomorrow. :) so much fun! yay!!