Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Faves

Happy March :) Well, March is here, almost a quarter of the way through the year. WOW. Time flies, and I'm convinced it speeds up as you get older :)

Super late post today. M
y hubby is in Mexico on a mission trip for the week (missing him so much! but glad he was able to go! :)), and I caught a nasty cold and have been laid out for the past couple days. My sweet son is busy and full of energy as ever- so it can be quite difficult to rest/sleep/recover. Thankfully, my wonderful in-laws were here for most of the weekend to help with my son while I stayed in bed Doing much better now, trying to catch up on some freelance design work, finish some custom orders, get some blog posts in order, and get some laundry going :)

Here are a few random faves that I've been loving lately:
1. Pods Necklace by Yoda
2. Sewing Kit in Vintage Leather Case from GrandAndTaylor
3. Vintage Houseplant Envelopes by CoriKindred
4. Upcycled Tags from everyjotandtittle
5. Collage Pack of Vintage Papers from Decadence2artbar
6. Friendly Forest by psitsinthedetails

Head over to Marta Writes for a fabulous workshop all this week on "Blog and Business" - she is a super talented designer and writer, and is full of creativity and inspiration. Some of the topics that will be covered in her workshop include things like: how to blog like a pro, successful small business tips, time management tips, following your passion and more. She is also putting together a ready-to-print workbook with workshop notes and such to refer to. I am sure there will be a wealth of information and ideas, so check it out :)


  1. Nice picks - I like the envelopes! You can make envelopes out of anything =)

  2. I love those little trees. They are so cute and would be perfect on a card or journal.

  3. ooooh thanks for featuring my paper pack on your blog! :-)