Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Faves: Birdcages

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend :) We had a fabulous time at the beach and got back late yesterday afternoon. The weather was PERFECT and it was SO much fun hanging out with family :) I can't wait to share my travel journal once I print and add pictures... hopefully later this week :) A very special thank you to Jessica of Blueheart and Kaitlin of 2point5d Photography for their fabulous guest posts last week! Thanks ladies! :)

So my theme for today is "birdcages" :) I associate birdcages with my sweet grandma, "Nonie," who passed away about two years ago at the wonderful age of 91. We grew up going to her house and seeing her all the time, as she lived only a couple miles from our home. Any time a gift was being opened by her or by someone else in the family, she would warmly and half-chuckling say "It's a birdcage!" Didn't matter if the gift was tiny or large (and obviously it was never a birdcage) she would always say that and we would all laugh :) Oh, how I miss her! So, a fun assortment of beautiful goodies having to do with birdcages. Enjoy :)
1. Bird Cage Lavender Sachets by tracybdesigns
2. Yellow Birdcage Wood Keychain by applechampagne
3. Red Bird Coptic Journal by ElvieStudio
4. 50s Birdcage Pillow by Olive
5. Bird's Blossoms Notecards by DotsAndDahlias
6. Long Antiqued Necklace with Birdcage Pendant by sugarcookiedolls
7. In Touch Clutch by downstairsDesigns
8. Birdcage by simplyhue
9. Birds in Bloom Large Journal by APunkinCardCompany
10. Don't Fly Away Birdcage Necklace by beazuness
11. Birdcage Tags by petitepaperie
12. Hand Painted Lime Green Birdcage Fabric by plainjanetextiles


  1. Great finds. I'm amazed at how many different ways a birdcage can be incorporated into handmade things! Beautiful =)

  2. such a cute collection! and you featured my friend lori from elvie studio!!! i have one of her journals - they are beautiful!!!
    xo, patty :-)

  3. What a beautiful collection of birdcages! I love the red and white bird journal! I am honored to have my birdcage tags included!